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 Black Angel

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PostSubject: Black Angel   Fri Nov 23, 2012 11:38 am

Anemone Wolf was an ordinary girl livig with her father far from town, the only abnormality was that she could communicate with a being she calls Oogami. A phantom that looks like her but only Anemone can see her, one day strange disapearances occur causing those of the BLack Order to come to her town. From here on out she makes new discoveries, learns new things of herself and the world around her, most of all learns of the cruel fates ahead of us all and how we can always change our destiny.

When I am allowed to post a link I will. The site if Fanfiction.net
My name is FallenAngelLilith

Heres a short preview

Blackness that swallows you. A place of ruin. A hand reaches out to the sky and soon falls, still however moving and trying to make it towards an unreachable destination.
The pain swells mercilessly.
Crimson becomes a backdrop.
All is despair.

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Black Angel
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