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 NEW R U L E S - Please read this first

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PostSubject: NEW R U L E S - Please read this first   Thu Mar 15, 2012 11:44 am

I had to upgrade and conform the rules. I taked them from the old DGD-page. Hopefully they're easy to understand and everybody agree with them.

To assure a nice and friendly climate within the forum and between the members, everyone has to abide some important rules. Please respect them and the other member as like you want to be respected.

No Racism: Racism is not funny and it is not accepted here. Racism will get you a straight ban because you can't spout racist remarks by accident.

No Sexist or Homophobic remarks
: Since people of a variety of backgrounds, cultures and upbringing will be/are a part of this forum sexist and homophobic remarks (illicit or explicit) won't be so easily tolerated. It's easy to make the mistake of typing "Faggot" or "TITS OR GTFO" but we'll make this clear: Anyone who overuses/makes persistent sexist/homophobic remarks even in a manner of jest will be warned. If it continues past the point of warning, subsequently banned.

No trolling
: Trolling is simply being a prick on the internet because you can. It includes persistent spamming and flaming amongst other things. Trolling leads to a temporary ban. Persistent trolling leads to a permanent ban. This rule can also cover spamming advertisements all over the forum. If you want to advertise, you're free to do so in your sig. Whatever you advertise mustn't break any of our rules.

No Pornography
: There is no place for that here. Go elsewhere for that sort of fix. Do it and you will be banned.

No multiple accounts: You have one account and you must stick with it. Dupe accounts will be banned. If your main account is banned for other reasons and yet you create a dupe account while being banned, all your accounts will get a permanent ban. Staff are not restricted by this rule.

No Spoiling out of designated sections: A simple rule which allows you to grant courtesy to other members. Spoil all you want in designated areas. There will be further spoiler rules placed in certain parts of the forum such as D.Gray-man and Reborn sections.

Don't spam outside designated spam sections
: It's pointless and it will just put you on the road to an infraction or a ban.

Please make clear thread titles (outside the spam sections): This is not entirely a rule but it is recommended. The thread titles you use should be able to define what your thread is about in a few words. If your thread title is that bad, it may be edited by a mod.

Respect each other
: We don't want to breed hostility on this forum over things that are petty. Try to respect one another so things can run smoothly more often than not.

No hotlinking images from other sites (unless those sites are free image hosts)
: We don't need stick from other webmasters complaining that their bandwidth/images are being leeched so please don't do it. Free image hosts include Photobucket, imageshack, tinypick and imagebam to name a few. To be safe from infractions just use them whenever image-linking images.

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NEW R U L E S - Please read this first
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